Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol - The Top 7

Quentin Tarantino is on hand to guide the remaining 7 through songs from movies night. He is a big Idol fan.

Allison is up first and unfortunately she picks Aerosmith's piece of shit from the piece of shit movie "Armageddon". She shows a terrible lack of good judgement here, and it's my least favorite performance from her ever. Simon thinks hes the girls' only hope and while that may be true, that type of nonsense won't get her past the top 5.

Anoop proves he should be the next to go home with his selection of Bryan Adams' "Everything I Do". What an absolutely dumb choice. Is this cheesy lame pop songs from movies that everyone hates week? Anoop, I've had enough of you. Randy and Kara love it of course.

Adam is next with "Born to be Wild" and Quentin is excited about it. He finds a way to Lambertize this song and everyone loves it. How does he come up with this stuff? Paula is on her feet and applauds how Adam "dares to dance in the path of greatness".

Matt "Dueling Pianos" Giraud is up with yet another Bryan Adams song. Bryan Adams is the king of movie soundtracks and its good to finally hear people give him his due. No seriously, I have just lost all respect for Giraud's artistic integrity. He didn't even sing it that great, despite that fact that it's probably one of his standards at the piano bar. Randy and Kara both voice their general disappointment with the song.

Danny Gokey is up and all the good Bryan Adams songs have been chosen already so he had to pick "Endless Love" in order to cement his rep as the lamest guy on idol this year. Man what a cheese fest. No glasses for Gokey tonight either. He continues his steady decline into sub par inspiration land, and he is really starting to bother me. Paula is wowed like always and Simon is underwhelmed. Things are really moving along with only two judges commenting on each performance.

Kris Allen makes the best song selection of the evening with "Once" from the movie of the same name. Not the most exciting tune but Kris is the man and does a great job with it.

Lil Rounds goes with "The Rose" from Bette Midler. This is a pretty solid showing from Lil, her best performance in weeks. Paula loves it but Simon thinks it was another dud from Lil.

Tonight Allison, Anoop, Adam, Matt and Danny all gave performances worthy of a trip home but it will probably (hopefully) be Anoop who hits the road tonight.

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