Tuesday, April 7, 2009

American Idol - The Top 8

Tonight's theme is songs from the year the contestants were born.

Danny Gokey is up with...no surprise, an inspirational song from 1980, "Stand by Me". Danny Gokey that was the lamest from you yet. He seems to get lamer and lamer but predictably the judges love it.

Kris Allen was born in 1985 and of all the songs from 1985, he chooses Don Henley's minor hit "All She Wants to do is Dance". Ouch. I bet even Don Henley regrets this decision. Probably the worst Kris has offered to date.

Lil Rounds' Mom clears up the Lil controversy, the name is Lil. Short for Lily. "Whats Love Got to Do With It?" seems like a smart choice, but I don't think she showed off her vocals very well. Paula can't even muster up positive comments, and Simon is clearer about it.

Anoop Desai was born in 1986 and decides go go for "True Colors" and show his soft side? More like his lame side. Judges love it.

Scott was born in 1985 and sings "The Search is Over". He has a guitar that he plays a little bit here and there. He says it's his punk side. There was nothing punk about that. Simon calls it atrocious.

Allison was born in 1992 and does Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me". What a drag. Come on Allison, that was just really boring and who is going to vote for that? Not enough people I'm afraid. The judges seem to like it though and Randy is reminded of Kelly Clarkson. About the highest compliment the judges can bestow. I have hope for her.

Matt Giraud does "Part Time Lovers" by Stevie Wonder, from 1985. He puts a little too much effort into his dance moves and misses a couple notes big time, but overall did very well. Judges call it excellent and one of the best of the night.

Adam Lambert is tonight's finale, born in 1982. A slow and spooky version of "Mad World" is his choice and it is a bold choice. He is a very talented dude and he receives a standing ovation from Simon Cowell. That does not happen often. Adam is safe for awhile.

Tonight's worst performances were, surprisingly Danny Gokey, unfortunately Kris Allen and certainly Scott MacIntyre. I have little doubt that Scott is going home this week.

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