Thursday, March 8, 2007

American Idol : The Top Eight Girls

six of these young ladies will be in our top twelve. whos your favorite?

jordin sparks is a huge footbal fan and does pat benatar's 'heartbreaker'. man this chick fucking rocks. i think she is my favorite. way to kick this shindig off j spark. randy and paula love it but simon doesnt think it was her best performance. i think she gets cuter every week.

sabrina wanted to be the next katie couric when she was in high school, and that just helped me put my finger on exactly why i hate her. 'more than friends' is her (poor) song choice. she is tottally not charismatic at all, but i think she would probably be well suited for light banter between sports and weather.

antonella has played the violin since she was 4, and has liked being naughty on camera for at least a year or two. she hasnt had time to practice the violin since shes been in college.

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well if all the controversy surrounding this lil vixen won't get her tossed off the show, her voice certainly will. that wasnt a very good song and certainly was not a good performance. simons thoughts: "youve gone as far as you can go...youve taken a lot of stick in the media...i wish you could sing better." im glad she cant so we can see her voted off.

haley did gymnastics for a long time, and tonight shes singing.. something about jumping mountains and sail through the heavens? if my heart had wings, etc. this sounds like something that would be on christian radio. i wonder if it is. its gotta be. ladies and gentleman, the next subpar american idol gone jesus star. randy said its got no 'yo'. word.

stephanie has been singing since she was 11, and used to be really shy. nowadays she sounds a lot like beyonce and looks a lot like kelly roland. except doesnt sound as good as beyonce as doesnt look as good as kelly. she'll be safe for a couple weeks tho for sure.

lakisha is terrified of animals, and, why did she have to sing this. one of the worst of whitneys songs, 'i have nothing'. but she managed to make that song enjoyable and again impressed everyone. may also be my favorite.

gina glosten has a lucky troll in her pocket at all times. takes on amy from evanescence. she sounds terrible, the band sounds obnoxious, and everyhing suddenly seems louder than it needs to be. she seems to have impressed all the judges, but i dont think she needs to be in our top twelve.

melinda doolittle is ocd. she also probably the best voice of anyone on the show, maybe ever. fantastic. she is gonna be around for awhile.

leaving us thursday, will it be sabrina? antonella? haley? gina? everyone else pretty much fucking rocked. im hoping we lose sabrina and haley this week.

stay tuned for american idol suspense filled surprises and carrie underwood.

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