Thursday, May 10, 2007

American Idol : The Results 5/9

Only four left and this is when it gets tough to see people go home. Everyone who has made it this far has obvously worked very hard and sacrificed a lot to be here. Of course, anyone who has made it this far can pretty much bank on a record deal and not having to ever work a regular job again.

Before we find out whos going home we need to hear Barry Gibb sing. He is old now, and just cant sing the way he used to. His song is not exciting disco era shake yo money maker style groovy at all, in fact its quite boring. He is far past his prime, but at least he had nice things to say about the contestants and was an adequate celebrity mentor for the final four.

a medley of non-beegees barry gibb songs follows, and it is equally painful to watch as the man himself. disco just aint the same without the drugs i guess.

also pink is performing tonight? man i have always hated her. why is she even still calling herself pink? that was an obnoxious name even when she had pink hair. her song is terrible, its totally overproduced and sounds like it was created entirely by machines.

the contestants form a tight group hug when its the moment of truth, refusing to speculate on who may be going home and refusing to part from eachother, but as seacrest begins his scripted goodbye, they let loose a bit and show themselves to the cameras. jordin and melinda are the first to learn they are safe, and then...

lakisha is named the one who will go tonight. Tough break, but she had an outstanding run. she was a fun contestant to watch, but just was not consistently good enough to compete with the others. its sad to see her go, but she and her 3 year old daughter will be ok, for there is a nice record contract around the corner for her. im sure there are producers waiting outside the stage door to offer her lots of money. on her way out, lakisha belts out stayin alive again, this time with more force and conviction and some of the old unstoppable soul power that we all loved lakisha for some weeks back. "I think people have more confidence in Kisha than Kisha has in herself" she says in the montage showing her rise to idol prominence. thats too bad, she was (is) really talented and its sad when people lack self confidence like that. i would definitely buy a record from 'kisha long before any of the other idols from this season. we'll miss you lakisha

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like the infamous paula abdul said, "youre still a champ"

next week there are three and we will bid farewell to melinda. thats right- im calling it a week in advance yo.

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