Thursday, February 21, 2008

American Idol - The Top 24 Results

A killer track from Daughtry (new inspirational-made-for-Idol song) backs up the footage of the Top 24 getting the star treatment at various photoshoots and traveling. They certainly are a photogenic bunch.

Everyone’s in suits and nice dresses now for a really lame 60’s medley. The first big stupid sing along of the season, but unfortunately, it’s far from the last.

Fortunately, four of these folks will be gone tonight.

Garrett is the first one. Whew, that was quick and dirty.

Now for the ladies……………..

They taunt Kristi Lee Cook before saying good bye to Amy Davis. No big surprise there.

What is surprising is that Paula Abdul is about to perform on the American Idol Stage.

Oh I guess it’s just a video but damn this video kicks ass. Randy Jackson is rocking the bass and Paula is choreographing like she hasn’t choreographed since her heyday in 1988.

Ok back to results. Either Amanda the rocker or JoAnne the plus size model. After the break…JoAnne is gone. So far, so good.

Also leaving us is Colton, the young theatre str to be. He is young and has plenty of time top make it big as a former Idol contestant.

I think we’re off to an excellent start.


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