Wednesday, March 12, 2008

American Idol - The Top Twelve

John Lennon and Paul McCartney have made some of the most recognizable, influential, and popular songs of all time, and tonight each finalist will perform a song written by them. This should give us some insight into each of these contestants' mental states.

Syesha Mercado is a college student as well as commercial actor. She’s gonna sing her heart out to “Got to Get You into My Life” I didn’t like it. “Allright” Randy settles on. Paula thinks she “found her zone” and sounded great, while Simon has the highest marks of all for Syesha. She is starting to get on my nerves. She's is just too much of an actress.

Chekesie was raised on Nigerian music, and felt people up at the airport as a security guard for a living. “She’s a Woman” is his choice, and he starts out sittin with a fiddler, a banjo player, and a tambourine smacker, then moves to center stage and proceeds to fucking tear that song up. A great show. "Chekesie smashed it!", says Randy, and I concur. Paula loved it and Simon can’t believe that he loved it too. Seacrest is way fired up! Whoa. Go Chekesie!

Ramiele works at a sushi place and smells like soy sauce. “In My Life” is dedicated to the contestants who could no longer be with us, because they went home She was really tight with Noriega, poor thing. Her sweet sentiment does not translate to a good performance, though, and here we have yet another snoozer from Ramiele, and that may not hold up in court. Judges call it safe, and Simon was bored to tears. Maybe Rameile just can't stand Idol w/o Noriega and is sabatoging herself.

Jason Castro goes to A&M and is a little uncomfortable with all the cameras, but the the cameras love him and his innocent boyish charm. He sings “If I Fell” with an acoustic guitar. Definitely not the best thing he’s ever done, but not too bad. “I feel your heart” says Paula Abdul. Of course you do.

Carly Smithson, the Irish Lass, came to the states a few years ago She tends bar and sings at teh same joint in San Diego.“Come Together” is part of her show every week and it sounds fantastic on this stage. Awesome. Judges all give it up. Best so far.

David Cook does Eleanor Rigby, and also bartends and performs in the same bar. His performance is very energetic and dark, a little edgy, but not really for me. The judges and audience are amazed, Simon saying David Cook could go all the way. Well, he definitely showed some skills and a side here that has not been revealed til now.

Brooke White moved to LA to be in the music biz, and sings “Let it Be” at the piano. When she starts it sounds like she might really nail it, but she never leaves the ground. She is in tears by the time Paula again can feel her heart, and Simon thinks it was great for the third week in a row. She has made some really smart choices.

David Hernandez is from the same Arizona town as Jordin Sparks, and he doesn’t miss his job at a pizza bistro. He doesn’t mention Dick’s Caberet. Does “When I Saw Her Standing There” like a high school musical. Randy says more aptly that he just plain old overdid it. Paula agrees, it was too much. “No no no, corny verging on desparate” and “Wasn’t cool”. Says Cowell. Word.

Amanda Overmeyer is next and she does “You Can’t Do That”. She sounds like a drunken Janis and Elvis mashed up into something you can barely understand. She’ll be gone real soon. Randy and Paula love it but Simon thinks last week was better.

Michael Johns is singing “Across the Universe”, one of the coolest Beatles songs ever, and does a pretty good job of it, but I was somehow expecting more. Still I think he’ll make it this week.

Kristi Lee Cook is from a very small town, and she’s hoping to successfully turn “8 Days a Week” into a country song. It’s way too fast! That was dumb. Usually I like just about anything twanged out, but not this at all.
Paula - “Kristi, I didn’t enjoy it.” That's when you know you failed.

David Archuleta is the last to go and is a little stressed to do “We Can Work it Out” . He fucks up bad right away, starting on the stairs, and seems to mess up on the words at least once more front and center. It’s pretty much a mess I’d say, but he could’ve done just about anything and he’d be fine after the two previous weeks performances. The judges can’t get down with that either, but know he aint going nowhere.

We’re down to two night s a week! Tomorrow is results already!

Bottom three has gotta be Syesha, Rameile, and Amanda or David H.

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