Wednesday, April 23, 2008

American Idol - The Andrew Lloyd Weber Affair

So I completely missed last week's results show, but I am happy to report that after months and months of unwarranted hanging on, Kristi Lee Cook has finally been booted from the competition. Mariah Carey proved to be her Kryptonite. Not only that, but America got the bottom three absolutely perfect, with Syesha, Brooke, and KLC.

Andrew Lloyd Weber is a famous composer of all things musical. He's written 13 musicals including Phantom of the Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar, Cats, and Evita. This week has Syesha written all over it, and it could be disastrous for everyone else.

Syesha Mercado is up first and this is the theme week she has been waiting for. I bet she could have chosen any of a dozen or more Andrew Lloyd Weber numbers she knows by heart but she settles on "One Rock and Roll too Many". It is over the top theatrical, of course, and even the sexy red dress she has on cannot make me enjoy this performance. She starts atop the piano in ubercliche musical songstress fashion, and overacts the entire time, flirting with the band director and everything. Randy is excited to share his revelation that Syesha should take her jazz hands on over to Broadway. Yes, please go there Syehsa, like now.

Castro is up and he doesn't look very confident. ALW thought it was ' a bit of a jolt' to hear a man with dreadlocks singing this song. "I didn't know a cat was singing it!" says a Jason Castro who is clearly lost in this weeks theme. I didn't know either my man. This song was a questionable choice but again, I think most everyone will struggle with this week's theme. Randy calls it "a little bit of a train wreck". Nice Randy, only a little bit of a train wreck. Simon just calls a spade a spade and says this is just not Castro's thing. Word.

Brooke White has what is probably the worst screw up I have ever seen on the show at the very beginning of her song, and she awkwardly has to stop and have the band start a second time. Despite this mishap she trudges through the song, only to hear from the judges that she looked "tense" and "uncomfortable". Her time is about up.


"This song was written for a diva, written for a girl" says Andrew Lloyd Weber of David Archuleta's pick. It wouldn't be the first time David has made that kind of questionable choice. I am so sick of this guy.

Carly Smithson picked a song from Jesus Christ Superstar, and it is without a doubt the only song tonight that I recognize, and I am glad that Carly is doing it. She knocked it out of the park, it was magnificent. One of Simon's faves of the night, and mine by a mile.

David Cook is "Man of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera, what Andrew Lloyd Weber calls "the most sexiest song I've ever written." Well, this song doesn't really do much for me but there is no denying this guy's star power and his almost meteoric rise the last several weeks. He could really win this whole thing. Paula says something about "savor each sensation" and that's it!

Our bottom three for this week and beyond is Brooke, Jason, and Syesha.

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